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Located in the very center of Dublin is St. Stephen’s Green, an emerald square chock-full of local history.

In its earliest years, the area that became St. Stephen’s Green was a marsh used by residents of Dublin as a common grazing area. It was walled off in 1664 and had several houses built around it as a sort of central square. This continued for nearly a century, effectively turning St. Stephen’s Green into a park for an early planned community. At this point, since only the very wealthy could afford to live in the houses around the green, to tour St. Stephen’s Green became the privilege of the upper classes.

An act of Parliament opened the park to the public in the late 1800s, and it’s been a popular downtown destination ever since. Since it is adjacent to Grafton Street—one of Dublin’s biggest shopping areas—St. Stephen’s Green is a popular place among locals who stop by to relax after a long day of wandering in and out of shops. You can also do a little sightseeing in St. Stephen’s Green itself. The park is full of sculptures and memorials, and you can easily spend several hours wandering its trails, listening to the chirps of birds and the wind rustling through the green leaves above. St. Stephen’s Green is also home to a lake, an artificial waterfall, and countless types of flora and fauna.

How will you unwind in St. Stephen’s Green?

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