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Whether you want the perfect spot for a romantic getaway or need a couple of days to yourself, a tour of New Ross might be just what you’re looking for.

This quaint town dates back to the Middle Ages, and is full of stunning medieval architecture that houses very modern shops, cafes, and pubs. While you can spend plenty of time doing a pub crawl or exploring some of the nearby museums, your sightseeing in New Ross will no doubt include a visit to the Dunbrody. This is a fully operational replica of the immigrant ships that carried so many Irishmen and women to the New World during the 1800s, and offers guided tours from costumed docents.

New Ross tourism usually includes a stop to view the Tapestry Project, an effort undertaken by 100 local embroiderers. The carefully constructed panels celebrate the history of New Ross and its surrounding area.

What do you want to see in New Ross?

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