MEXICO IS INCREDIBLE! – TRAVEL VLOG in Mexico City, Taxco and Teotihuacan

Mexico is such a beautiful country and there is so much to do! My sister and I traveled to Mexico City, Taxco, and took an amazing day tour to Teotihuacán.

Mexico city alone has so much to offer. It is a massive city, full of history, parks, museums, amazing restaurants, art, and culture. We stayed in a Neighborhood in Mexico City called Roma Norte. Good areas to stay in Mexico City are Roma Norte, Condesa, and Polanco.

I highly recommend checking out Bosque de Chapultepec, Coyoacán (here you can do the Frida Kahlo Tour), Bellas Artes Museum, Tetetlán (such a good restaurant), walk around Polanco, and maybe try some grasshoppers at a local market.

Taxco is a beautiful “Pueblo Mágico” and doing the Thousand Waterfalls Secret Cave experience with Alfredo was unforgettable!

Traveling gives you the opportunity to see life from a different lens. Being able to have new experiences with people you love, like my sister, is an amazing gift! Filming, and creating this Mexico Travel Vlog was something I was really excited about. I worked very hard on this video, so thank you so much for taking the time to watch it!

Traveling to Mexico in 2022 and beyond will always be on my list!

The best part about traveling to Mexico was meeting awesome people like Alfredo, Caro, Jane, and reconnecting with our friend Andrés. Below is a list of the Airbnb experiences they offer:

* Thousand Waterfalls Secret Cave Experience:

* Friday Kahlo Bike Tour:

* Teotihuacán Pyramids Tour with Jane:

I hope you enjoy video and I really appreciate you watching! Take care!

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