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A tour of Jagalchi Market is a walk through some of Korea’s freshest seafood, so make sure you bring your appetite.

Jagalchi Market is adjacent to Nampo Port. The fishing fleet sails out of Nampo, ensuring the food you purchase is fresh-caught from the Sea of Japan. Jagalchi Market sightseeing will take you through both parts of the market. On the Eastern side, you’ll find dried and other types of preserved food like fish and shrimp. On the Western side is what you’ve been waiting for: the freshest of the fresh—so fresh, in fact, that some of it is still alive. Take your pick of fish, crab, lobster, mussels, shrimp, abalone, and numerous other delightful offerings from the sea.

While you’re searching for your perfect seafood dinner, strike up some banter with the ajumas who run the majority of the stalls. “Ajuma” means married or middle-aged woman, and while these ladies seem tough, they’ll be happy to explain their wares to you.

What will you buy at Jagalchi Market?

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