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When you’re ready to land a bargain on the perfect representation of your trip to Korea, take a tour of Insadong Antique Street.

Wander into small boutique shops owned by locals, followed by a stroll past countless vendor stalls offering authentic Korean goods. When you’re looking for traditional Korean wares during your Seoul sightseeing, Insadong Antique Street has exactly what you need. Centuries ago, it was a place for artists to gather when the Joseon Dynasty ruled; today, you can still find a heavy emphasis on artistic wares, from folk crafts to traditional pottery.

True to its name, Insadong Antique Street offers a good number of antique books, costumes, and paintings, some of which may date back over a thousand years. But you can also find more modern furniture and accessories, as well as plenty of delicious Korean food like the traditional rice cakes and tea.

What was your favorite part of Insadong Antique Street?

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