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Welcome to Hua Hin, one of Thailand’s oldest beach resorts.

Surrounded by a rolling sea and towering limestone peaks, this area was one of the Thai royal family’s prized assets during the early 20th century. The present King of Thailand still has a home here, and often visits during holidays.

A tour of Hua Hin makes it easy to see why the royals were so taken with the city. The close proximity to the ocean means countless opportunities for diving, swimming, and fishing—and you’d better believe Hua Hin is home to some of the best seafood you’ll ever taste. Stay in a fabulous resort where your every whim is catered to, or select a more modest accommodation and spend your money on delicious Thai food instead.

Yes, this place is food heaven; you can take a Thai cooking course, and then practice what you’ve learned on food you purchase at one of the many street markets dotting the downtown area. If you’ve gone fishing during your trip, test out your new skills on some of your bounty from the sea.

To get a taste of the gorgeous natural surroundings, head for Sam Roi Yof National Park. This is home to quiet beaches, great tracts of marshlands, and great caves, including Kuha Karuhas Pavilion, a small shrine located within the Phraya Nakhon cavern. A visit here will help you understand the role of spirituality in Thailand.

What will you do during your Hua Hin sightseeing?

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