How To Save Money in Las Vegas – 9 PRO TIPS

In this video we take a closer look at how to save money in Las Vegas. We’ll go over tips and tricks how to do Vegas for cheap, whether it’s a cheap restaurant, hacks on how to get drunk for cheap or where to book discounted tickets for shows and attractions in Vegas. Additionally, we go over tools like the MyVegasApp, Groupon, even free monorail passes?

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Where to EAT in LAS VEGAS:

– BEST Pizza in Las Vegas:
– Best Burgers in Las Vegas:
– BEST Sushi in Las Vegas:
– BEST Ramen in Las Vegas:
-Oyster Bar:
– The Cosmopolitan buffet:
– BLACKTAP at the Venetian:

Check out other THINGS TO DO in Las Vegas
– BREWERY ROW in Downtown Las Vegas
– 5 New Things in Las Vegas
– AREA 15
– Stratosphere Rides :
– Snowboarding in the Desert!

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