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If you’re ready to visit a teeming market filled with products both exotic and mundane, head for South Korea’s Dongdaemun Night Market. The night market is part of Jongno-gu, one of the largest shopping districts in Seoul and home to some 30,000 shops.

A Dongdaemun Night Market tour sprawls across 10 blocks, and will take you through stores and malls that carry everything from fashion and accessories to electronics and books. While the area has “night market” in its title, in truth, Dongdaemun has not been simply a nocturnal occurrence for years; most of the stores are only closed during the morning hours.

During your Dongdaemun Night Market sightseeing, you can browse through rare silks, peek into pet stores, and discover your future at a fortune teller. Wander through the many stalls, grab a meal at one of the countless eateries, and then choose the perfect souvenir to represent your trip to South Korea.

What will you buy at Dongdaemun Night Market?

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