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Next time you visit downtown Seoul, Korea, make sure you pay a visit to Cheonggyecheon Stream.

You won’t have to look hard to find it, as this lovely waterway runs through just over 6 miles of Seoul. The stream has quite a history; it existed centuries ago during the Joseon Dynasty, but was concealed by infrastructure in the 1950s. In 2003, as part of Seoul’s ongoing beautification and upgrade efforts, the freeway that concealed the Cheonggyecheon Stream was removed.

Today, no matter what part of Seoul you tour, Cheonggyecheon Stream and the unique, burbling sound the rushing water makes is sure to play a part. The city has created several parks where you can sit and enjoy a picnic next to the stream; additionally, it passes under more than 20 bridges as it moves through the many skyscrapers of modern Seoul. There are also numerous sculptures and other art installations scattered around Cheonggsecheon Stream, making the perfect backdrop for your photographs.

Don’t forget to cross over Gwantonggyo Bridge, a prominent fixture of Cheonggyecheon Stream sightseeing tours. This legendary bridge was constructed during the Joseon Dynasty, but was buried underground for decades as Korea sought to modernize itself. Thanks to a recent restoration, residents and visitors can once again cross this ancient structure.

What was most fascinating to you as you walked along the Cheonggsecheon Stream?

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