Benidorm – Back street tour – Rincon area

Lucy takes a tour up the back streets of the rincon area

Benidorm is located on the Costa Blanca, Spain. Famous for it’s beaches, bars, restaurants, nightlife, entertainment, hotels, sightseeing, party atmosphere, excursions, tours and sun. It is not only one of the top holiday destinations in Spain but one of the best tourist hotspots in the whole of Europe. British and Irish tourists love to travel to Benidorm, being one of the best resorts for a package holiday, but it is also well loved by many European travellers, and of course the Spanish themselves. It is an all year round holiday resort, the good weather means there is something to offer visitors of all nationalities and ages, and you will always find things to do and places to go. On our YouTube channel we bring you travel vlogs which show you in depth everything Benidorm has to offer. We hope you enjoy, soak up the sunshine and subscribe to our channel.

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