4 Tips for Buying Flights Online in 2022 | (FREE seat selection hack!)

FREE UPGRADES and other things you didn’t know you could do even after booking your flight ticket online.

This video includes a FREE SEAT SELECTION HACK, free flight upgrades and other add ons you should never pay for when booking a flight online in 2022. Stay tuned for 4 little-known travel hacks that will save you money.

Booking a flight is becoming increasingly complex with many different options and add-ons available. It can be difficult to know what you really need to pay for and what you can just skip over and decide later.

4 Tips for Buying Flights Online in 2022 | (FREE seat selection hack!)

In today’s video I will cover 4 things that you will be able to do after purchasing your ticket. Knowing what options you have after buying the ticket will be helpful to anyone thinking about booking a flight as well as anyone that has already bought a ticket and is curious about what options they have to make changes.

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0:00 4 Things to know about your flight ticket
0:38 Tip 1: Never pay for seat selection
1:05 Selecting a seat for free during online check-in
1:17 How to change an assigned seat
1:40 Ask the gate agent to change a flight
2:01 When you can’t change your seat
2:35 When to pick. anew seat
2:55 Tip 2: Add a checked bag later
3:05 Add a checked bag before going to the airport
3:18 Luggage weight limits
3:36 Don’t arrive at the airport with an unpaid checked bag
4:16 Order a special meal for FREE
5:15: How to request a special meal
5:35: Cancel your flight for a REFUND
6:13 Beware of third-party booking sites


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