10 Amazing Places to Visit In Switzerland (2022) – Switzerland Travel Video

Switzerland may be a small country, but offers a lot of beautiful attractions. Switzerland has something for everyone, from stunning mountain peaks to lovely blue lakes and a countryside rich with ancient treasures. Although no country is flawless, but we have to say, Switzerland comes very close. The Alps run through 60% of the country, and the landscapes and towns look like they were created with lots of imagination. The country offers glacier-capped peaks, crashing waterfalls, crystal clear blue lakes and trains winding up to incredible heights. Even the most culturally rich cities enjoy breathtaking views of vineyards, lakes, and rivers, and the mountains are never more than a whisper away. The real magic of Switzerland, however, is how easily all of this may be reached, whether you travel by rail, bicycle, boat, automobile, or foot. This small Alpine country offers a variety of experiences for the visitors.

Are you still not sure if you should plan a visit to this beautiful country? In this Switzerland travel guide in 4K we will present to you, our list of the most beautiful places to visit in Switzerland.


0:00 Intro
01:42 Zurich
02:34 Swiss National Park
03:36 Bern
04:43 St. Moritz
06:06 Chateau De Chillon
06:54 Interlaken
08:17 Lake Geneva
09:27 Lucerne
10:24 Jungfraujoch
11:44 The Matterhorn


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